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November 2008 UTD Press Release

Program to Fund 45 Research Projects Proposed by Undergraduates

Congratulations to seven McDermott Scholars who received the award this semester: Bryan Thompson, Thomas Krenik, Austin Swafford, Jessie Harpham, Alexander Palmer, Felicity Lenes, and Chanel Matney.

October 2008 UTD Press Release

International Political Economy Degrees Unveiled

Samia Hossain (2006 Scholar) is working towards a bachelor’s in International Political Economy. Courses from her semester abroad in Malaysia will count toward her concentration in Asia and the Middle East.

July 2008 UTD Press Release

DART Patrons Have New Place to Relax, Courtesy of 2004 McDermott Scholars and the Alumni Fund! Read the UTD press release!

June 2008 UTD Press Release

Undergrad Puts the Heat on Cancer Cells Austin: Swafford (2005 Scholar) Co-Authors Paper on Nanotube and Antibody Treatment. Read more...

June 2008 UTD Press Release

Grace Bielawski, 2007 Scholar, has been chosen to assume the recently vacated Student Government (SG) vice presidency.

May 2008 Alumni Spotlight: Rachel Markowitz

May 2008 UTD Press Release
U. T. Dallas Names Eighth Class of Eugene McDermott Scholars

April 2008 UTD Press Release

Student is First UT Dallas Undergrad to Win Fulbright

Rachel Markowitz (2004 Scholar) won the Fulbright Award!

April 2008

UTD Press Release

UTD honors students for leadership and involvement. Kaitlin Butler, 2006 Scholar, works endless hours for Radio UTD -- which received the Golden Comet Award.

April 2008 UTD Press Release

Lelia Gowland (2004 Scholar) wins the UTD Ring Award.

April 2008 UTD Press Release

Texas Senate Staffers Meet UT Dallas Innovators and Students

Jessie Harpham and Molly Wurzer (2005 Scholars), along with other UT Dallas students, met with the Austin visitors to discuss the reasons they elected to enroll in UT Dallas and their plans for the future.

April 2008 UTD Press Release

UT Dallas Student Wins Critical Language Scholarship

Molly Wurzer (2005 Scholar) was awarded a US Department of State Critical Language Scholarship.Molly will study Arabic in Tunisia during summer 2008.

April 2008 UTD Press Release

Second UT Dallas Student Wins Goldwater Scholarship

Austin Swafford (2005 Scholar) was named a Goldwater Scholar!

January 2008 UTD Press Release

Green Light Given to 21 Undergrad Research Ideas

Kerri West (2004 Scholar) and Austin Swafford (2005 Scholar) received undergraduate research funding.


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