The Experience

While many components of The McDermott Scholars Program are tailored to individual student needs, several core experiences are shared by all Scholars.

McDermott Scholars, along with hundreds of UTD's other highly talented students, will study in the classroom and in the laboratory with faculty who are leaders in their fields. Through the Collegium V Honors Program, McDermott Scholars will participate in specially designed small classes that explore the arts, humanities, history, and political science under the guidance of senior faculty. These Scholars will have numerous opportunities for individual study and research with faculty mentors both throughout the academic year and in the summer.


Before beginning their first fall semester, McDermott Scholars will participate in a unique orientation program that includes both recreational and cultural activities that foster group cooperation and leadership skills.

Public Service

Scholars will make an extended commitment to public service throughout their time in the Program. They are encouraged to seek out organizations that best fit their desire to give back.

Business and Civic Experience

Scholars will work with corporate and community leaders to gain sophisticated insights into economic and political systems.

Travel and Study Abroad

Travel opportunities extend across the academic career, including group travel associated with curricular and extra-curricular enrichment as well as individual travel. All Scholars will have an international travel experience during their academic career, with a focus on understanding our culture within the larger context of the global society.

Engagement with the Arts

The McDermott Scholars Program will incorporate an intensive, ongoing involvement with the rich cultural environment of the Metroplex as well as centers of culture worldwide.

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