History of the Award

In the fall of 2000, Margaret McDermott endowed $32 million to The University of Texas at Dallas to create an elite scholars program in honor of her late husband, Eugene McDermott, co-founder of Texas Instruments and UTD.

It turned out to be an investment that has paid remarkable dividends. With it the university created The Eugene McDermott Scholars Program in hopes of attracting to UTD the nation's and the world's best and brightest students.

The Program offers full support for a regimen of education, leadership training, and cultural enrichment that will provide Scholars with the skills, experience, and confidence to succeed as leaders in every dimension of life. McDermott Scholars show the promise of being tomorrow's leaders.

They are students whose intellect, ambition and leadership set them apart as individuals. They are expected to be a strong influence on their university and their society, and they bring with them long histories of academic excellence and active engagement with their schools and communities.


Eugene McDermott believed that the best human talent, provided with the best education and enriched with an understanding of the arts, was the essential foundation of business success and societal progress.

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