About the Award

McDermott Scholars will be afforded an excellent university and cultural education at virtually no cost to the Scholar or the Scholar's family.

The McDermott Scholars Program provides extensive financial support for each Scholar's education. The Program covers, year-round for four years, all of each Scholar's university tuition and fees. In addition, each McDermott Scholar receives a monthly stipend of at least $1200 to cover on-campus housing and other living expenses. Scholars also receive an annual book stipend of $1000.

The McDermott Scholars Program also will bear the expense of

  • state-wide and national travel associated with cohort activities: McDermott Orientation in August and visits to our state and national capitols;
  • student-designed international educational experience, up to $12,000, as part of the undergraduate experience;
  • student-proposed professional development and post program assistance, up to $3,000;
  • travel home twice per year for Scholars whose parents live outside the D/FW metroplex but within the continental United States, or one round trip home for Scholars whose parents live outside the United States; and
  • Access to tickets to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and Dallas Opera and a one-year membership to the Dallas Museum of Art.

McDermott Scholars also benefit from

  • a close-knit social and professional network of fellow scholars and alumni;
  • exposure to and mentoring from McDermott Faculty members;
  • close acquaintance with and access to the University’s administrators;
  • automatic membership in Collegium V Honors Program;
  • introductions to Dallas leaders and organizations;
  • opportunities to intern at local, state, and national organizations and to research in a wide range of laboratories on campus; and
  • a compelling resume for graduate school and other post-college pursuits

Receiving the McDermott Scholars award is a tremendous privilege, but with that privilege comes responsibility. Scholars maintain on-going community service and campus leadership commitments throughout their educational experience at The University of Texas at Dallas. McDermott Scholars accept a responsibility to become dynamic change agents for the university, the region, the state, the nation, and even the world - always seeking to embody the commitment and generosity of both Eugene and Margaret McDermott who were influential in the founding of The University of Texas at Dallas and who stand as remarkable role models of community engagement and philanthropy.

Bill Archer and Mary Makary


Many McDermott Scholars spend a semester in Washington, D.C. as Archer Fellows. UT System students like McDermott Scholar, Mary Makary, here with Bill Archer, participate in varied internships and take part in classes focusing on policy, economics, and persuasion.

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