Current Scholars

Take a look at the four current classes of McDermott Scholars!

Class of 2013

2011 McDermott ScholarsThe 2013 class of Scholars is made up of nine women and 12 men. It includes eight students from the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Ten others are from out of state, and one is from Romania. Collectively, this group has an average two-part SAT score of 1520. Eighteen of the 21 have received recognition from the National Merit Scholar program, five were high school valedictorians, and two were Presidential Scholar nominees.


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Class of 2012

2011 McDermott ScholarsThe 2012 class of Scholars is made up of twelve men and twelve women. Half come from Texas, including ten from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and the rest from eight other states. Together, they ranked in the top of their high school classes and their two-part SAT scores averaged 1536. Included in the group are three valedictorians and three Presidential Scholar nominees. In addition, 21 of the students received recognition in the National Merit Scholar Program


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Class of 2011

2011 McDermott ScholarsThe 2011 class of Scholars consists of eleven men and twelve women. Ten of them are from the Dallas area, five are from other parts of Texas, and the remaining eight hail from seven other states. Collectively, their class rank is 1.4% and their average two- and three-part SAT scores are 1525 and 2251 respectively. They are athletes, artists, scientists, leaders, and servants, and among them are eleven National Merit Scholars, three valedictorians, and two salutatorians.


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Class of 2010

2010 ScholarsThe 2010 class of Scholars includes three valedictorians and two salutatorians and boasts an average SAT score of 2240. Collectively, the students were in the top 2.2 percent of their high school classes. They hail from seven states: Alaska, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Texas, and Washington; and the country of Bahrain.


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McDermott Scholars are speakers of French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Mandarin, Bengali, Arabic, Cantonese, Dutch, Vietnamese, Polish, Japanese and Hindi.

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